Cold Prairie by Renna Olsen

Two very different worlds collide when Remy DuMonde and Lydia Price cross paths in the Kansas town of Cold Prairie.
Remy and his cruel older brother Maurice DuMonde grew up the scions of a powerful New Orleans family, the secret source of their wealth and power being an ancient, demon-inhabited grimoire. But now, Remy has stolen his family’s magical book and fled the city with his beautiful mistress to Cold Prairie to practice his unholy rites and seek its promise of immortality.
Meanwhile, in Ohio, an innocent young girl named Lydia Price is fleeing a forced marriage to a lecherous old man and the ill intentions of his son. Seeing a way to save herself, she answers an advertisement for a school teacher in Cold Prairie. She receives a response in the mail, but it offers the position to a Mister Price. But Lydia will not be stopped in her plans to escape so she sets off for Cold Prairie in the guise of a young man.
But little do Lydia and the inhabitants of Cold Prairie know the horror that is in store for them, because when Remy and his demon grimoire start working their infernal magic it will challenge and change them all forever.

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