About Nancy

My journey to this land of literary endeavors has been a happy, twisted, exciting, and grueling trip. I was the fourth of six children and grew up in rural Oregon in a one-bedroom log cabin. Unfortunately, before we moved in, when I was five years old, it had been used as a barn, hence my loathing for spiders that continues to this day.

I’ve done everything to pay the rent and buy groceries from menial labor in a sewing factory to white collar work in social services. Some of my missteps along the long path of my life have been spectacular but have given me an insightful view of life and the convoluted relationships people create for themselves.

Without a doubt, the greatest achievements in my life are my two literary collaborators and best friends, my children, Eric and Anne. Lucky for me, they still love their slightly crazy old mother after all these years.

When I’m not busy at my computer, creating new worlds, I’m out traveling to discover and re-discover the one around me. Surround me with my family, give me a new horizon to head for, a new book to create, or a good book to read and I’m a happy woman.

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