The Damnation Revival Giveaway


Today is Sunday, February 24th,  and it is the last day to pick up a free eBook of our newly renamed horror novel, The Damnation Revival. We’ve been running giveaways the last two weeks in the (apparently futile) attempt to pick up a few reviews for both The Oculars and The Damnation Revival. With over fifty downloads so far, you would think at least one kind soul would let us know what they think, because when it comes to Amazon, reviews are what get your works bumped up in its search engines.

Other than the giveaways, not much progress was made this week. We are currently struggling with our business taxes, a job made far too difficult by Ye Olde Government. We are a simple partnership, with miniscule sales, and no employees. You’d think it would be a piece of cake to get our taxes finished but that is not the case. There is no 1040EZ for a small business. We purchased the small business tax software from HR Block and it is no better than downloading the actual forms from the IRS. It provides no explanations and no shortcuts. In short, it was a waste of money. Today, Anne and Nancy will put there heads together and try to sort out what’s what. If we can’t, then we might need to break and shell out a bit more money for some professional help. Wish us luck.

We hope your week is going smoothly. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are in for a miserable week weather-wise, wet and cold throughout. We appreciate your support. Drop us a line! We’d love to hear from you!

Kind regards,

Anne, Nancy, and Eric

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New title, new look for Holly Virginia


We finally did what we’ve been talking about doing for a while now, we renamed our horror novel, Holly Virginia, and gave it a new cover. It is now called, The Damnation Revival. You can see our creepy new cover above in the Amazon buy link. Holly Virginia, in its original form, never really took off like our other titles. We think, that in large part, that is due to a misleading title and cover image. This impression was only reinforced when we had several very nice older ladies ask us if it was Christian fiction. Slightly embarrassed, we had to explain to them that no, it was not an uplifting spiritual story but rather a tale of horror. We hope that the new look and new title will give our readers a better idea of what’s inside and they can make a fully informed choice to read it or not.

We still have plans to also make changes to Cold Prairie, which will include a new title, new cover image, and a new and improved ending. We’ll let you know when we get that done and uploaded to Amazon.

As for current works, we are working on our serial killer story, working title Enoch, and the third installment in our science fiction series, tentatively titled Servants of Gaia. We’ll also be filing our business taxes for 2018. And finally, we’ll be running a eBook giveaway of the newly renamed Damnation Revival sometime in the next two weeks. We’ll let you know when that’s going to happen.

We hope you all are staying warm and dry this February. As always, thanks for sticking with us!

Kind regards,

Anne, Nancy, and Eric

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E-Book giveaway of The Oculars!


Now through Sunday, February 10th, 2019, we’re giving away copies of our e-book, The Oculars, on Amazon. The Oculars is a paranormal thriller/horror novel, set in the Pacific Northwest.

What Ethan Owenby wants is a normal life. Years earlier, a misguided and alcohol-fueled decision to take his Uncle Jonno’s place as the driver in a car crash had terrible repercussions. Unbeknownst to Ethan, an innocent young woman lost her life in that same instant.

Now, Ethan has served his time and come home to Riverside Oregon, but his newly discovered peace is shattered when he receives a mysterious package containing research and designs for a radical new optical technology. Amongst the nearly incomprehensible information is a rambling and confusing video from his reclusive yet brilliant, Uncle Wilson warning him – tell no one about the Oculars.

Little does Ethan know that there are dark forces that will stop at nothing, even murder, to get their hands on the Oculars. The Oculars allow the wearer to see the denizens and landscapes of the Dark Spectrum, the abode of spirits and ghosts, but not without a price. As old secrets are uncovered and strange enemies roam the small town of Riverside, Ethan must find a way to protect his friends, old and new, from those who will stop at nothing to possess the Oculars.

Take advantage of the giveaway to score yourself a free book to read this weekend during the Great Oregon Snowpocalypse. And if you do get a chance to read it, please leave us a review. We love to get feedback, even if it’s just so we can fix our boo-boos.

Stay warm and download a free book this weekend!

Kind regards,

Anne, Nancy, and Eric

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Five Stars for The Oculars!


We’ve got our first official review in on The Oculars and it did not disappoint!

Five Stars

Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite:

The Oculars is a work of graphic horror and paranormal fiction penned by author Renna Olsen. Written for adults, the tale centers on hero Ethan Owenby, who returns from prison after a drunken driving incident caused dreadful consequences in his family and beyond. Though Ethan doesn’t know the full extent of the damage in his past, his future is about to change everything. Ethan comes into possession of the Oculars of the book’s title, an enlightening new technology that allows human beings to look into the world of ghosts. Ethan’s Uncle Wilson warns him to tell no-one of this incredible device, but these things have a way of getting out there.

I found Renna Olsen’s writing really engaging, which made Ethan’s whole journey a fast-paced read with plenty of shocks and thrills. The prose is direct with many sharp sentences cutting through the description to keep the action moving. The concept of the Dark Spectrum – the world of the ghosts – was convincingly done and suitably scary to read about. As a misguided hero, Ethan is well developed and endearingly flawed, whilst his uncle fills that creepy elder horror trope perfectly. If you’re looking for a classic horror tale that ticks every box and provides an intriguing and exciting plot, then this could be the book for you. I found it to be reminiscent of both the works of Dean Koontz and Stephen King. Overall, I’d highly recommend The Oculars to fans of supernatural horror everywhere for its pacey prose and chilling concept.

It’s always a bit of a nail-biter waiting for feedback on a new book (that is not coming from friends or family), and knowing that it is not always going to be good. This review, however, was a positive one and we can take that and incorporate it into our promotional activities over the next few weeks.

Kindle Unlimited members can always read our books for free, and for those of you strapped for cash, we’ll be running a giveaway sometime in the next two weeks. If you do happen to read one of our books, please be so kind as to leave a review…any review! It all helps.

Kind regards,

Anne, Nancy, and Eric



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Self-publishing, it’s all in the details.


oculars cover 2

As we reported last week, we were finally able to hit publish on the eBook version of our paranormal thriller, The Oculars. It all looks good and we are happy with the final product. We’ve got a couple of readers, and fingers crossed, they’ll be kind enough to leave a review.Then came the print version, which has been a minor headache this week. We made a lot of changes to the final manuscript, and amongst the casualties was an incorrect pagination sequence. We also needed an updated cover image with a higher dpi. We think we’ve got it fixed.

How will we know if we got it right? Well, we’ve hit publish and now we need to wait for the KDP manual  review to tell us if we’ve fixed everything we need to fix. That usually takes 48-72 hours but can take longer. It just depends. And waiting is hard. Once that happens, we’ll order a proof copy because there is no better way to see if your book looks good than to hold it in your own two hands.

Meanwhile, we’ve got a few other housekeeping tasks on our to-do list. In our big news department, we’re pulling our horror novel, Holly Virginia, from KDP for a short time period in order to rename it and update the cover. We loved our title and cover for this book but it just doesn’t give out a horror vibe. So, the new title is…drumroll please…The Damnation Revival. We’ll keep you posted when it goes live and give you a sneak peak at the new cover next week on the blog.

As always, life has a way of throwing us obstacles. This last week, our mom, Nancy, went in for an emergency appendectomy. She’s recovering nicely but it’s going to take her a bit of time to get her energy back. Work on Enoch will have to wait for a bit. Anne is getting ready to start work on Servants of Gaia, the third and final book in our New Mother Earth series. Eric is getting ready to start a new job in the next two weeks. Lots of changes ahead for him, and all of them good.

That’s all for us this week. We’ll be running a free eBook giveaway soon of The Oculars. Stay tuned for the dates. Thanks for sticking with us!

Kind regards,

Anne, Nancy, and Eric

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We would’ve been done but…

oculars cover 2

We would’ve been done with our edits on our paranormal thriller, The Oculars, this week but we decided to add just one more chapter. Now it has to make the rounds before we can move on with formatting of both the eBook and print versions. But fear not! For we are pretty darn close to getting this baby out the door.

Our mom, Nancy, is back from the beach and the manuscript is now in her hands. She’s cleaned off her desk and she’s ready to get back to work. We have a division of labor for our self-publishing empire (it’s an empire, right?). As well as taking turns as main writers and editors on each of our books, we each have self-imposed duties. For example, Nancy is our formatting subject-matter expert. She has formatted all six of our published books, as well as our three short stories. Anne takes care of cover art and keeping up with this blog and social media. Eric works on cover blurbs and trouble-shooting our plot holes. In the Litzos, no man is an island. We definitely don’t work alone.

Work continues apace this month. We are still shooting for an end of January publish date. We appreciate your support. Thanks for sticking with us!

Kind regards,

Anne, Nancy, and Eric

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The Oculars Update

oculars cover 2

Good morning to you all. It’s a beautiful sunny but very cold day here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s a fine day for getting things done. We’ve made a lot of headway with the final edits on our paranormal thriller, The Oculars, over the last week.

Edits are now done through chapter 57, leaving just five chapters left to go over. Two of those are new material from the rewrites, so we’ll be paying extra attention to those. Once we finish up, our mom, Nancy, will go over formatting and we’ll be one step closer to hitting publish on our latest work. This will be our seventh published book, can you believe it?!?

We’ll keep this short, in the interest of getting back to business. We hope you’ll be getting out into the snow or sunshine depending on where you live. I know we will, once we’ve got our duties discharged. As always, thanks for sticking with us!

Kind regards,

Anne, Nancy, and Eric

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