All Our Titles on Smashwords!

Mortuary Fly 2 Smashwords Cover

One of our short stories available for free on Smashwords

March has been a very productive month, not so much the writing aspect of the business, but taking care of the nuts and bolts side of things, as well as working on Anne and Nancy’s new Etsy endeavor, TeaRoseGoods. So, what exactly have we been up to, you ask?

We started off the month by taking care of our business taxes, always a sobering but necessary task. As a licensed business, our taxes are due March 15th, instead of the usual April deadline. Time had run out but we got them finished and submitted in time. The taxes just served to remind us that we really do need to shake things up a bit if we actually want to make any money off of our writing. Which brings us to our next task, Smashwords!

After much discussion, we decided to put our books back up on Smashwords. We offered them briefly on the site about five years ago, but then Kindle Direct Publishing Select and its new program,Kindle Unlimited (KU), came online, promising that with Kindle exclusivity, there would be more access and sales for its indie authors. This did not prove to be the case and in fact, KU has been terrible for us. We still have our books available on Amazon, just no longer enrolled in KU, and now they are all available on Smashwords. This also allows us to offer all of our short stories for free download, a move that we hope will help us with sales in the long run.

You can now find us at:

Nancy has been writing a bit on our new paranormal thriller / horror novel, Area 25. Anne is set to start back in on Enoch, our crime thriller. Eric is in his last two weeks of his final semester of his college program. He’s got his eye on the prize.

Thanks so much for sticking with us. We appreciate your support. Come check us out on Smashwords!

Kind regards,

Anne, Nancy, and Eric

About Litzophreniacs3

The Litzophreniacs3 is a trio of authors collaboratively writing science fiction, horror and paranormal thrillers. Their literary offerings are available on Amazon Kindle Publishing under the pen name Renna Olsen.
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