Side Projects = Sidetracked


The logo for our Etsy shop, TeaRoseGoods

     We know you’re wondering, “Hey Gang, where have you been for the month of February?” Well, as the title of this blog post suggests, we’ve been working on a few side projects. We’ve done a little bit of writing but nothing worth crowing about.

Anne and Nancy have been setting up their Etsy shop, TeaRoseGoods. As some of you may know, the dynamic duo sell teacups and handcrafted items in the Fall at a number of local holiday and craft bazaars. We decided there was no need for our goods to languish for nine months out of the year, hidden away in our shops and garages and that the best way to get them to market was to put them online. And so, TeaRoseGoods was born. We still have a lot of inventory to post but we hope to have it done in the next week or so. The shop is up and running, and we’d love it if you could check it out at

As for Eric, he is in the final month of his college studies, while working full time. He has promised to come out of hibernation at the end of March, after finals are complete and he’s had time to take a breather.

Don’t discount our writing endeavors just yet. Nancy is heading to the beach to get some writing done. She went a few weeks ago but managed to injure herself and she wasn’t able to work on her laptop. Fingers crossed, this second time is a charm. Anne is planning on getting out to her shop for some writing over the weekend.

We appreciate all the support. As always, thanks for sticking with us.

Kind regards,

Anne, Nancy, and Eric


About Litzophreniacs3

The Litzophreniacs3 is a trio of authors collaboratively writing science fiction, horror and paranormal thrillers. Their literary offerings are available on Amazon Kindle Publishing under the pen name Renna Olsen.
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