How’s that negative reinforcement going?


We bet you’re wondering how our plan to use negative reinforcement to overcome writer’s block is going. Well, let us tell you. It’s working splendidly. Both Nancy and Anne have managed to produce two chapters each in the last two weeks, as well as finding three more previously lost chapters.

So what did we agree to do? We knew that we needed to be held accountable in some way. A lack of a distinct deadline meant we were not answerable to anyone but ourselves and that meant we could easily skip writing. A devil’s bargain was struck between Anne and Nancy. (Eric is currently trying to finish up his schooling and working a new job. We gave him a pass.) They both agreed to produce a new chapter every Friday or be forced to pay $50 into the Litzophreniacs3 account. As Nancy said, “It has to be a large enough amount as to be painful, otherwise, we’ll buy our way out of it each week.” She was right and we now have new material.

Nancy is working on our serial killer manuscript, working title “Enoch”, and Anne is working on the third book in the New Mother Earth series, working title “Servants of Gaia.” The missing chapters were sent out last February but never made it into the manuscript. They’re in it now and we couldn’t be happier. All in all, we’re pretty happy with ourselves. And so, the agreement will remain in place for the foreseeable future. We don’t want to mess with what is working.

As always, thanks for sticking with us. It seems our writing dry spell is over. We hope your enjoying your November, wherever you are.

Kind regards,

Anne, Nancy, and Eric


About Litzophreniacs3

The Litzophreniacs3 is a trio of authors collaboratively writing science fiction, horror and paranormal thrillers. Their literary offerings are available on Amazon Kindle Publishing under the pen name Renna Olsen.
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