Movie Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

We are happy to report we survived the Great Oregon Wind Storm of 2016. All kidding aside, we got lucky. This past weekend, Anne went to see Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Having read all three of Ransom Rigg’s Peculiar Children books, she was excited to see how Hollywood would transform such a weird tale to the big screen.  Her verdict ~ Another book adaption ruined by the movie.

The first half of the film stayed fairly true to the book, with the exception of switching the peculiarities of several of the children, specifically Emma and Olive. It was a forgivable license. It was dark and satisfying up to that point. Then came Barron, played by Samuel L. Jackson, and the entire film goes off script and off the rails. It appears that someone, somewhere, decided that this should be a children’s film and completely hijacked the story and the tone. What was dark and sinister became vaudeville and slapstick, with the Hollows, terrifying tentacled monsters, at one point, actually reeling about covered in candy and carnival junk while manic music played in the background. It was horrifying and not in a good way.

Anne gives this movie 1 1/2 stars, and that only because her twelve-year old son (who has not read the books) loved it.

As for our writing endeavors, we’ve been busy. Nancy finished her edits of the new material from Enoch and her final edits of the first ten chapters of Hunters of Gaia. She is, as we write, beginning a new chapter of the Ocular. Eric continues his final rewrite of Hunters of Gaia. Forward progress continues. Anne finished chapter 27 of Enoch and is almost finished with chapter 28. We’re all still plugging away.

We hope you all are enjoying your Fall weather. And for our friends and family in the Pacific Northwest, that you came out of the wind storm relatively unscathed.

Kind regards,

Anne, Nancy, and Eric


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