Better a late post than none whatsoever, eh?

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We apologize for the late post but it was a challenging weekend for all. Anne and Nancy kicked it off by attending their local writers’ group meeting for the first time on Saturday. Immediately after, they received a phone call that a family member was injured and needed to be taken to the hospital with a broken arm. And so ended any and all Litzo productivity for the weekend. Now that the crisis is averted, it’s back on our heads.

The writers’ group meeting was well worth the visit. We spent the time getting to know some of our fellow authors, listening to excerpts from their projects and participating in a writing prompt exercise. The hardest part of the meeting was reading our work out loud to the group. All our insecurities rushed in but we could tell that we were not the only nervous nellies in the group. Everyone was very kind and encouraging and we are looking forward to attending again next month and seeing how all the projects are coming along. Hopefully, we’ll have something worth presenting ourselves.

Anne is currently untangling a few plot points in Hunters of Gaia. You tend to run into these as the story develops. What seemed like a great idea when you were planning it all out actually doesn’t work when it is finally written. Plot work is a necessary evil. We admire those who write by the seat of their pants but we need a more structured approach if we’re to make any progress.

Among everything else, Nancy will be helping  draft our questions for our guest author interviews. We’ve been in contact with a couple of great authors and it will be neat to see what they have to say. Coming soon to the blog (as long as no one else breaks anything…) Eric is gearing up for heavy edits and rewrites. He’ll also be heavily invested in the plot work for Hunters of Gaia.

September and a return to school should see a bump in productivity. Summer has been serving up obstacles, one after the other, as well as opportunities to network with our fellow writers. Hopefully, Autumn will see cooler temperatures, pumpkin lattes and a few more words on the page.

Thanks for your support,

Anne, Nancy and Eric

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The Litzophreniacs3 is a trio of authors collaboratively writing science fiction, horror and paranormal thrillers. Their literary offerings are available on Amazon Kindle Publishing under the pen name Renna Olsen.
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