Our Unscheduled Hiatus

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We’ve all been on an unscheduled hiatus these past few weeks, unexpected but not unwelcome. Now that our lives our settling back into a more normal routine, we hope to see a return to our writing. Anne moved into her new house, Nancy helped Anne move and undertook several large much-needed projects on her old homestead, and Eric has been learning the ropes at his new job.

Just before we were sucked into our regular lives, we decided to try a new marketing strategy. We dis-enrolled all our books from Amazon KDP Select and uploaded them to Smashwords. We’d hoped to see an increase in sales with the expanded publishing platforms, the idea being if one e-book seller is good, then five should be much better. Sadly, that was not the case. We are partly to blame for our dismal sales, as we did not expand our advertising in conjunction with the Smashwords launch. We don’t know if that would have helped any or if we would have seen the same result, just a few sales and 57 free downloads of our short story, The Mortuary Fly. Oh, and one request to use The Mortuary Fly in a humorous podcast. We respectfully declined as it did not fit in with our vision. That, and we’d like to do our own podcast someday.

So, for now, we’re re-enrolled in KDP Select and we’ll  be relying heavily on their free and easy Amazon promotions for the time being. We’re kicking off our latest e-book promotion with a free giveaway of our Renna Olsen horror novel, Holly Virginia, from June 19th through the 21st. Hope you like it.

We’ll also be preparing for the Northwest Book Festival on July 25th in Pioneer Square, Portland Oregon. We’re pretty excited and hope to make some new friends there. We visited the event last year and loved it.

It’s time to get back to this business of writing. We thank you for your patience and hope to hear from you, dear reader.

Kind regards,

Anne, Nancy and Eric

About Litzophreniacs3

The Litzophreniacs3 is a trio of authors collaboratively writing science fiction, horror and paranormal thrillers. Their literary offerings are available on Amazon Kindle Publishing under the pen name Renna Olsen.
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