Give us strong women characters!

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This weekend, we watched the new Avengers movie. And while there weren’t too many strong female characters, the ones that were there were kick-ass. We’d been discussing the issue a few weeks ago, when Anne went to buy Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise for her boys and noticed that not one item had Gamora on it. What? Why? And now Marvel is doing the same thing, offering merchandise without Black Widow.

One thing we can never be accused of is not writing strong female characters. It’s just not in our nature. And while they occasionally may need a little help, in the end, they help themselves. We’ve got Annie and Beth in the Safe Harbor, Ida and Delphine in Exiles of Gaia, Lydia in Cold Prairie, Emma and Nina in Holly Virginia, and Katherine in Creek House, to name a few. Coming up in our next two works-in-progress, we’ve got ex-military, a sheriff deputy, heads of state and a complete matriarchal society. We do love our strong women and we can’t imagine a world without them.

Seeing as how Mother’s Day is coming up, we hope you’ll remember your strong women.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Anne, Nancy and Eric

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